Lamborghini Hot Rod – concept car design

Tired of daily routine of product photography, me and my friend Jans Shlapins, have taken upon this concept as afterwork project. This is the first (of many more, We hope) outcome of our cooperation, and bit of “over the fence” method.

I have designed the car on paper, and Jans made the model in 3D.

This concept has been done as a visual exercise and is a result of a long dispute inspired by Youtube “Roadkill” episode. It was Rat Rod vs Lamborghini Aventador, (more of attraction test than a review), but left us simply unable to pick sides.

We liked, and detested (?) Both at the same time. These, some what strange feelings led us not only to desire to clash genres but to look for a niche in which we could create brand new one.)


We looked at it as a hybrid child of a misalliance of casts, forms, and purposes. As a base, it was going to be heavily chopped, channeled and sectioned Ford Model “A”, but expressed through cutting edge, super car technology, and fine finish.

Long hours we were discussing problems of engine, chassis, and a final drive for our project. We wanted it to stand out not only by body design, but we knew entire concept should be special. It’s a bit like with Batmobiles. Each one had a special, unique power plant, steering, etc ( at least in the movies).

First aspect, was practicality. It seemed to Us, both sports cars and majority of hot rods could only take 2 people in (usually) slight discomfort, with limited luggage area. We liked the idea of squeezing 3 or even 4 seats in Our concept. Thought was, it could be achieved by using individual final drive. That’s why Concept “A” rear wheels are independently powered by a hydraulic drive. This type gave Us tremendous opportunity to free up the back of the Hotrod chassis. This meant no rear shaft running across the car, therefore we had needed space.


Choice of an engine configuration was quite an exciting one. I wanted to complete the overall strangeness of the vehicle with twin turbo v8 diesel unit, for its torquiness but We finally came to decision it should be twin turbo charged small block paired up with 6 speed manual/sequential gearbox. Engine choice was strictly dictated by a sound preference.



Hot Rod is a blend of way more just two styles. For instance front bottom spoiler has been influenced by Vought F4U Corsair wings. The body profile lines are stimulated by muscle car lines (like raised quarter panel lines from Plymouth Cuda). Carbon skirting, and rear air outlets are from F1 racing. Deep notches in side and back doors are lightly influenced by 60’s refrigerator design (especially the back door) Coffin like shaped, front side panels are form 70’s chopper – digger scene (coffin fuel tanks).

Finally, details like what seems to be the windshield split screen, are actually screen wipers (shifting horizontally). This car is nearly an answer to rather deep, existential question: “If money was no object, what car would you build?”








I feel really lucky that had opportunity to work with Jans. Never before have i met a person who would have so similar opinion an taste to mine, and in the same time very different. Like two ends of the same spectrum. I’ve met Jans at my work. We’re both product photographers. Quickly it turned out we both did graphic design, and were complete petrol heads. By-the-way, whole progress of 3D built anyone can observe on Jans blog.








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