I bought the Scrambler not for the looks, but because of its sound. Few years earlier I heard the Scrambler with custom exhaust on the street and I fell in love with that sound. Neither sounded like an old biplane, nor a vintage racing machine, but something rather in between […]

Triumph Roadster

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The Bluebird story is quite peculiar one. I bought the rolling chassis in October 2007. Ebay ad had really bad pictures and the the “bike” seemed to be muddy dusty and full of cobwebs. A guy over the phone sounded nice so I decided to view it first. Pictures didn’t […]

Bluebird – custom bike. The making of…

Tired of daily routine of product photography, me and my friend Jans Shlapins, have taken upon this concept as afterwork project. This is the first (of many more, We hope) outcome of our cooperation, and bit of “over the fence” method. I have designed the car on paper, and Jans made […]

Lamborghini Hot Rod – concept car design

The most interesting in this project, seemed to me to combine American styling with European lightweight design. Imagine a fusion of Ford Roadster 32 with Lotus Super 7, or Caterham. I wanted lightweight chassis (tubular chrome moly frame), small capacity engine (Audi 2.2 Turbocharged), well balanced suspension and 4WD. Very […]

4WD European Hotrod

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