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The Bluebird story is quite peculiar one. I bought the rolling chassis in October 2007. Ebay ad had really bad pictures and the the “bike” seemed to be muddy dusty and full of cobwebs. A guy over the phone sounded nice so I decided to view it first. Pictures didn’t […]

Bluebird - custom bike. The making of...

Tired of daily routine of product photography, me and my friend Jans Shlapins,¬†have taken upon this concept as afterwork project. This is the first (of many more, We hope) outcome of our cooperation, and bit of “over the fence” method. I have designed the car on paper, and Jans made […]

Lamborghini Hot Rod – concept car design

The most interesting in this project, seemed to me to combine American styling with European lightweight design. Imagine a fusion of Ford Roadster 32 with Lotus Super 7, or Caterham. I wanted lightweight chassis (tubular chrome moly frame), small capacity engine (Audi 2.2 Turbocharged), well balanced suspension and 4WD. Very […]

4WD European Hotrod

Most of these are my lunch time drawings. Please follow and like us:

My sketches

For years I have been fascinated by 50’s art of Pin-up. I admire work by Gil Elvgren, Alberto Vargas, George Petty. I love the simple lines, mystery and innocence and most of all attention to detail. Have a look at some of my work.   To see more drawings of […]